2023 – International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Sitting at the edge of the bed beside Amara’s bed, Akina touched her friend’s bare shoulder. “You look pale and weak. Are you ill?” “Didn’t you hear?” Ihara said, shifting uncomfortably on the bed, and trying to sit up. “Hear what?” “I’ve become a full woman now,” she said. Akuna frowned in disgust. “You’ve been […]

Sexual Purity and Purity Culture: My Thoughts

Today, years later, I still believe in and encourage sexual purity. It is scriptural, saves you lots of heartaches, and helps you protect yourself from diseases, but I don’t subscribe to the purity culture our predecessors practiced. It objectifies women and places her worth on the presence or absence of a membrane on her body. That is not godly because God sees us as his children despite our many flaws and imperfections. Therefore, I strongly advocate for us to teach boys and girls to abstain from sex until marriage. I advocate for girls to stop being blamed for boys’ mistakes. Rather let’s instruct and teach both genders sexual purity. Not because virginity makes you a superior human (and in most cultures, females) but because it is a commandment in the Bible and honours God.

When Acts of Service Are Gendered

A post about a couple that went for an event trended on Twitter some time ago because the woman served herself but didn’t serve her husband. People said different things. Many people blamed the wife for eating without making sure her husband had food to eat. They saw her as irresponsible, uncaring and some might […]

Why Some Women don’t like the term ‘Wife Material’?

A lot of people, including me, have never been comfortable with the “Wife-Material” tag. The reasons are quite glaring.   When an average Nigerian calls you a wife material, they mean that you are a perfect definition of society’s stereotypical woman. They see you as someone who is living a script, not necessarily as someone […]


Society puts so many ridiculous expectations on women and sometimes experiencing it or thinking about it drives me crazy. One of the those I really hate is how you, as a woman, is expected to know how to handle a baby perfectly even when you have never had one around you all your life. Nobody […]

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