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    I am humane, doughty, dexterous and tenacious. I am a power house of stunning virtues with a special puissance in honing excellence. The Woman Of Worth Network #Iamawomanofworth# #Wordsofaffirmation# #Powerwoman#

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    Dilemma Of A Girl

    What if What if, there were no memories to write, of a girl full of scars, her eyes painted with agonies, Of haunted days. I thought, Scars were tales of a man , Who journeyed the sea, To fight for freedom for his children, Only to return and meet demons. No, scars are for women, Those with innocent faces, Who were given protection, From the cruelty of men, Who would devour their innocence, And eat their fruits unripe. Let’s take a walk, Down the hearts of the protected, Whose breasts have been impounded, And their curves being made straight, Like the dry fig in the desert Take a journey into…

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    Female Genital Circumcision

    It’s estimated that between 114 million women around the world experience female genital circumcision. The ritual is life-threatening, makes child bearing extremely painful and there are traumatic experiences attached to it. The root of this is based on culture. Is it then a crime to be born a female?, must I wallow in limitations because of cultural values? Should my human rights be infringed upon based on my gender. Culture to me should be an element of appreciation. Oh culture, u definitely can’t limit me, can u please be enhanced. I do love cultural values at least it makes me to appreciate the fact that variety is the spice of…