A social educator, gender advocate, blogger and French instructor. 


Driven by a genuine passion to help others find their feet firmly placed in life, Roseline Adewuyi has for more than eight years been actively championing the cause of girl child empowerment and gender bias elimination in Nigeria. She is a PhD student in French Literature with a Graduate Concentration in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She holds First class honour Bachelor of Arts degree in French language from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and a Master’s of Arts degree in French Language with Distinction from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Her area of specialization as a French Literature student has been Feminist Theory. This focus strengthens her academic knowledge in the field of advocacy. From 2019 to 2020, She worked as a Translator and Interpreter with the African Union.



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The quote; “Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life”- Jackie Chan, defines my relationship with Miss Rose Adewuyi.
I knew Miss Rose Adewuyi, through a leadership program organised by Steering for Greatness, Foundation (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Technology Bootcamp. It was a week-long boot camp for teenagers and I was one participant. She was a volunteer.

I actually could connect much with her, because our personalities were quite similar- we were both introverts and at that point, I had issues relating to my fellow participants. However, she was one of the people who encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and meet people (because with the little time I interacted with my fellow participants, my teen advisors could notice I had a good team spirit) because not interacting as I was supposed to be was shortchanging myself. She made me understand the place of collaboration as a leader a nd personal development.


I am Deborah Benjamin, Creative Writer, Global Citizen, Founder and Director of Save A Girl Africa. As a young girl, I had dreams and visions and ambitions, but like million other girls, I was almost defined by the actions and inactions of our imbalanced Society. They try to give you their definition of success, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to get out of those crazy bubbles and live a truly impactful life.

I was a two-year beneficiary and participant of the International Day of the Girl Child Conference organized by Roseline Adewuyi.

Since participating in the program, I have experienced a mind shift from limiting societal stereotypes, to now believing in myself and my future, regardless of my gender. Now, I believe there is no limit to impact and success and that regardless of our ages, gender or backgrounds, we can drive real change in our society.


If perfect will be befitting enough, permit me to say that Roseline Adewuyi is a perfect lady. She's a sister, role model and at the same time a friend to me, in every sense of the word.

From the first day I saw her write up on a friend's Facebook page till this present moment, I have always been thankful for meeting her. There was never an awkward moment in the transition of being a stranger to a friend.

I won't say I have met a lot of people in life (Not yet) but I'll always say this anytime anyday... ROSELINE ADEWUYI is an INFLUENCER.

Knowing her for who she is, reading her works, hearing her speak motivated me to give my all to my generation, become someone people look up to, have my personal style and signature.
To me, she's a true definition of academic excellence... Y'know, excellence is a lifestyle not an act.




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