International Day of the Girl Child 2022 – 90 Percent Loading

Roseline presents International Day of the Girl Child 2022. Theme: Our time is now – our rights, our future. Convener: Roseline AdewuyiSpeakers: Solomon O. Ayodele, Oluwatoyosi Oke and Anita GrahamPanelists: @Funmilayo Omodara and Daniel AkinyemiModerator: Oluwaseyi NdohPartners: Kasot Print, Ifad Initiatives, Building Nations Initiative – BNI and Pure Teens’ Network Venue: Venue: BNI Youth Centre, […]

Sexual Purity and Purity Culture: My Thoughts

Today, years later, I still believe in and encourage sexual purity. It is scriptural, saves you lots of heartaches, and helps you protect yourself from diseases, but I don’t subscribe to the purity culture our predecessors practiced. It objectifies women and places her worth on the presence or absence of a membrane on her body. That is not godly because God sees us as his children despite our many flaws and imperfections. Therefore, I strongly advocate for us to teach boys and girls to abstain from sex until marriage. I advocate for girls to stop being blamed for boys’ mistakes. Rather let’s instruct and teach both genders sexual purity. Not because virginity makes you a superior human (and in most cultures, females) but because it is a commandment in the Bible and honours God.

Gendered Behaviour Towards Parents in Schools

In some parts of the world, I have heard that schools ask you to pick who should be called in case of emergency. But even when parents choose fathers, the schools will call mothers by default. This shows that these institutions herald inequality when they shouldn’t.

Gendered messages in Advertising

stereotypes shape our perceptions of things, and as such, should we continue to project non-progressive realities because certain things are our realities and are influenced by stereotypes? If stereotypes must be unlearned and redefined, I believe stereotypes must evolve, and the media must portray these issues in a new light.

When Acts of Service Are Gendered

A post about a couple that went for an event trended on Twitter some time ago because the woman served herself but didn’t serve her husband. People said different things. Many people blamed the wife for eating without making sure her husband had food to eat. They saw her as irresponsible, uncaring and some might […]

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 8!!! – Solomon O. Ayodele

Gender advocacy is an all-encompassing push for a change in the narrative. It seeks to liberate men and women from the shackles of the unrealistic expectations and stereotypes that patriarchy expects them to live up to. Girl child advocacy, particularly the area of leadership and shattering glass ceilings, is a course that I am passionate […]

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