Gendered messages in Advertising

stereotypes shape our perceptions of things, and as such, should we continue to project non-progressive realities because certain things are our realities and are influenced by stereotypes? If stereotypes must be unlearned and redefined, I believe stereotypes must evolve, and the media must portray these issues in a new light.

When Acts of Service Are Gendered

A post about a couple that went for an event trended on Twitter some time ago because the woman served herself but didn’t serve her husband. People said different things. Many people blamed the wife for eating without making sure her husband had food to eat. They saw her as irresponsible, uncaring and some might […]

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 8!!! – Solomon O. Ayodele

Gender advocacy is an all-encompassing push for a change in the narrative. It seeks to liberate men and women from the shackles of the unrealistic expectations and stereotypes that patriarchy expects them to live up to. Girl child advocacy, particularly the area of leadership and shattering glass ceilings, is a course that I am passionate […]

World Radio Day 2021

As we celebrate World Radio Day, I am proud to be alive in a generation where the radio is more than just something people tune into for the news. The reality of how it is also a tool that can be used to change the negative perceptions and stereotypes that people have had for years gladdens my heart and gives me hope. People are being reached out to. People are listening and learning. They are growing. They are evolving and someday gender equality will be a reality all over the world because people use the radio to educate, enlighten and promote this good cause.

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