Month: December 2021

Gendered Messages in Fairy Tales

Fairytales contribute to the perpetuation of gender inequality. These stories educate youngsters to perceive the world through a distorted lens by promoting hazardous preconceptions. Have you ever noticed how many fairytales sound the same? Mistreatment, helplessness, or abandonment of a young, beautiful, naive girl. She is confronted with numerous obstacles that she cannot overcome on […]

Take The Lead: Women in Technology and Engineering! – Adeyinka Adebakin

Adeyinka Adebakin, is currently a Master’s student at Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany, where she majors in Software Engineering. Alongside her studies, she works with SAP, a multinational software company in Germany. Adeyinka has a passion for Information technology management and supporting different startups in the software industry.

Gendered messages in Advertising

stereotypes shape our perceptions of things, and as such, should we continue to project non-progressive realities because certain things are our realities and are influenced by stereotypes? If stereotypes must be unlearned and redefined, I believe stereotypes must evolve, and the media must portray these issues in a new light.

Alexia Putellas is the Ballon d’or winner 2021!

Unlike that of the male version shrouded in a lot of controversy and creation of a new award category, the news of Alexia Putellas’ Ballon d’Or victory won’t have come as a surprise to those who follow women’s football closely. The Catalonia-born midfielder has had a wonderful year and remains the epicentre of a star-studded […]

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