International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024

The Alphabet of Women in Science Yesterday was pretty heated because Boris and I had a spat concerning women in science. Ms. Peter asked everyone to reveal their career role model. I chose Thomas Edison. Boris snorted. ‘I bet you had to choose a male scientist because there are no female scientists.’ ‘Of course there […]

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023

Over time, the science educational journey of women and girls has continued to evolve. From the time when women couldn’t go to school, to the time when science was considered a male field of study to today where it is perfectly normal to see a female professor of molecular biology.  Currently, there are lots of […]

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022 – Temitayo Ayeni

Long ago, it was unheard of for women to venture into STEM. Many women who loved science, mathematics or technology were seen as unusual. In some extreme cases, they were called witches and burned. As time went on, although people stopped burning women for being ambitious, parents and people in society still discouraged their girls […]

Take The Lead: Women in Technology and Engineering! – Adeyinka Adebakin

Adeyinka Adebakin, is currently a Master’s student at Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany, where she majors in Software Engineering. Alongside her studies, she works with SAP, a multinational software company in Germany. Adeyinka has a passion for Information technology management and supporting different startups in the software industry.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021 – Seyi Adelusi

As a young lady in STEM, which is a male-dominated area, one often encounters toxic masculinity. Also, men in the field get more visibility, at times for less work. As a result, I have had to work extra hard to attain the same visibility as some of my men colleagues. These are major challenges many other women I know and I face in STEM.

My approach toward these challenges has been to ignore the noise and focus on activities that move the needle. What I mean here is that as long as you focus on making an impact, eventually, people will come to terms with your worth as a woman in STEM.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

For centuries, people have always seen science as too complicated and too logical for the female brain but women like Marie Curie the French-Polish physicist who won a Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry for her pioneering research in radioactivity and mathematician Ada Lovelace, who saw the potential in Charles Babbage’s analytical engine, wrote and […]

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