International Day of the Girl Child 2022 Program

For the International Day of the Girl Child, I am grateful for the gift of men. Since I began in 2017, I have not physically attended any editions because I am most times outside Nigeria. Thank you to everyone who has been holding down the fort and pulling this through over the past six years in my absence

Programme Report

This year’s IDG was celebrated with a programme tagged along the global theme, “Our Time is now -Our Rights, Our Future”. The event was held at BNI Youth Centre, U&I Building, Opposite Idia Hall, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Nigeria. Over 100 people were in attendance at the program. 

The program started with an opening prayer by one of the teachers present. Afterwards, the welcome address by me was read by the moderator, Oluwaseyi Ndoh. After the Welcome Address, as a result of the partnership with Pure Teens Network, Miss Happy Tanko gave a talk about Menstrual hygiene and menstrual hygiene practices. Sanitary Pads courtesy of Pure Teens Network were distributed by Pure Teens Network. Thank you very much Odesola Taiwo of Pure Teens Network for the partnership. The next speaker, Miss Oluwatoyosi Oke talked about finding purpose as individuals and growing young children. She talked about various ways in which one can find one’s purpose. She spoke about the importance of finding one’s niche, the importance of mentors, and belonging to a community.

During an intermission, the students played a game of self-affirmation with the English alphabet led by the moderator, Miss Oluwasyi Ndoh. The icebreaker led to the playing of the programme video by the convener, Ms. Adewuyi Roseline Adebimpe. The participants were inspired by the video which lasted for about 4 minutes.

After the intermission, Miss Jesudunsin Okewumi talked about identity and helping other young girls become the young girl she never was. She spoke on the importance of having an identity and a sense of self. Sharing her experience with childhood trauma, she spoke on how having a sense of self and belonging which she cultivated from within helped her overcome. Now, she is helping other young teenagers. She noted that abuse is not just sexual as it can also be emotional. She concluded her talk by asking everyone to be content in their identity and draw strength from it.

Later, the winners of the Tiktok competition were presented their prizes by Miss Okewumi. A poem rendition by Goodness Daniels titled; “The Sunrise” which encouraged the young girl to walk with her head held high and break barriers.

 The Panel discussion titled: “On Education, Career and Trade and Why they should complement each other”, which was the last segment had panelists such as Mr. Daniel Akinyemi and Mr. Adebayo Joseph. They discussed how trade and education may coexist successfully and that trade does not invalidate education. Mr. Akinyemi emphasized that the world is changing fast and the older generation needs to come to terms with this change and embrace it.

The Moderator gave a vote of thanks, to the students, teachers, and other guests. The closing moments of the event witnessed sharing of gift items and refreshments to the participants and speakers. The various schools that participated also took turns taking a group photograph with the organisers and speakers. There was also an interview segment by

To individuals that committed their finances, time, products, and services to this, once again, we say thank you.

Thank you to all the speakers: Oluwatoyosi Oke, Jesudunsin Okewumi, Daniel Akinyemi, Happy Tanko, Adebayo Joseph, and the moderator, Oluwaseyi Ndoh. Thank you, Anita Graham and Solomon O. Ayodele

To all the volunteers, thank you, Ebunoluwa Aniala, Daphe Ayo, Kawthar Omisore, Rebecca Akinyinka, and Goodness Daniels.

Thank you Victor Adigun of Fagskills photographie for the beautifulpictures for the International Day of the Girl Child. He is into documentary and Storytelling Photography. You can engage him for your events. He will definitely do a very good job.

To our efficient editor of the magazines, Tosin Alawode . Thank you very much for a job well done. Tosin O. Alawode is an agropreneur, a proofreader, and a seasoned freelance fiction writer who continues to master the enchanting writing artifice that engages well-tailored, off-script, and real-life innuendoes to keep his readership wickedly submerged in his world. He enjoys spontaneous writing and does not pass over a chance to teach any field in creative writing.

To my project manager, Ibraheem Adebayo Aremu of iconxpressions, I am speechless. You made this easy. You are indeed selfless. When I had worries, you were indeed a lifesaver. Thank you for being the brain behind a lot of the things I do.

Thank you Temitope Konigbagbe of Kasot Print for the printing of the branded exercise books, nylon, magazines, and other branded materials. Thank you for the free exercise books and the discount on other materials.

To, Fadare Israel Olanrewaju of Ifad Initiatives, thank you for the beautiful designs of the flyers, branded exercise, and magazines, and the patience towards editing the graphics from time to time. Even with my constant calls, you were patient with me while following up. For the past five years, I have been engaging you and you always deliver. Please for your graphic design services, you can trust him to deliver excellently.

Thank you, YALI Network Oyo, for the partnership and support towards the International Day of the Girl Child Program

Thank you, John Oluwadero, of BNI. Thank you very much for the support over the years and the use of the venue premise for the event. This means a lot to me. Thank you to all the volunteers of BNI. Thank you Oluwaseyi Ndoh for the moderation.

Thanks to my parents too for the moral support and prayers.

Ultimately, I thank God who made this possible even when I was so overwhelmed with planning. He deserves the Glory!

International Day of the Girl Child 2022 Program

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