Message to Girls to mark International Day of the Girl Child 2022

Hilary Clinton said, ‘it is past time for women to take their rightful place, side by side with men, in the rooms where the fates of peoples, where their children’s and grandchildren’s fates, are decided.”

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child and the theme for this year is;

Our time is now—our rights, our future.

As a girl child, it is high time you told yourself you can be the best. It is high time you came out of the illusion that you belong to the kitchen or the background. You are gold, you have great value. You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to. So, now is the time for you to pursue your dreams.

Yes, your time is now! Now is the time to rise above mediocrity and be the girl of high repute which you have desired to become. It is true that you may have thought of being the best at what the society considers ‘not a girl’s thing’. Perhaps society has a different thing to say about your dream.

While your passion says yes, the system and society says no. One thing you should understand is this, ‘You should not wait until society accepts and approves your convictions before you act or pursue your dreams.’ Unfortunately the society is built in such a way that almost everything about it suppresses the girl child and any potential of greatness that lies in her. She has been caged in a box and told never to step out of it. Do not listen to this, it is all to make you not reach your potential.

But we know now that enough is enough!

We have stayed too long in this darkness of discrimination and bondage!

Embraced the shackles of constantly being told what we can and can’t do.

But not anymore! Our time is now!

We are a generation of girls who would not cower in silence or hide our faces in shame.

A generation of girls who cannot be silenced or deterred.

Girls who have said no to being in the backstage.

Girls who are creating the future: Our future!

Dear girl,

There is a place for you in the future.

Unless you realize that now, there may be no future for you

So, on this day, I’d like to remind you that:

You’re amazing

You have the right to dream.

Learn what you wish.

Be seen and heard.

The world is awaiting you.

Arise and show your power

Get up! Pick up the pieces and start your journey to greatness!

Your time is now! You wouldn’t let it go to waste, will you?

It is your time to change the status quo; your time to break limits!

Time to push past stereotypes and show the world how amazing you are.

Yes, you are amazing! You are beautiful, intelligent and smart.

You’re the one we’re counting on to make things different!

Our time is now – our rights, our future

Decide today to make that bold step towards your future. Pursue that passion now. Write that book. Build that house. Design that website. Join politics. Lead an advocacy. Do not wait until you get societal approval of what your life should be. Now is the time for you to create the life and the future you want and to leave a legacy for the next generation. The start may not be easy but you cannot continue to wait until you have a perfect society that encourages and supports you, rise up now! Take that step now!

My name is Roseline Adewuyi, and I am rooting for you.

Message to Girls to mark International Day of the Girl Child 2022

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