Women Who Make History -Kamala Harris


A few days ago, Kamala Harris became the first woman to be elected as Vice President of the United States. She makes history as the first woman to be elected Vice President.  Based on her descent, she is the first Black woman and the first American Indian woman to become elected to the second highest office in the US as well. This is a big win for women, people of color and for anyone who identifies with her one way or another.


This is a big win for me as a woman particularly because it shows the world that women can aspire to lead in countries as big as America. It shows me and every woman out there that women can be actively involved in politics, not just as a massive support system to help get people elected into offices but also as key players and active participants. It shows us that women can run for elections alongside other opponents and win. Kamala Harris’ win with Joe Biden is not just a win for women living in America alone. It is a win for women all over the world. That’s because when any woman dares to do something out of the box, she’s creating a footprint in the sands of time that will still be felt ages after she’s gone. 


It is always super inspiring to see women shatter glass ceilings and break stereotypes. It is great to see women do incredible things because it spurs other women on. In a world where women have always been put in “their place” and asked not to dream too big, one woman’s big win is a win for all of us. It’s a reminder that we were never meant to be caged or boxed. We were never meant to limited by cultures, norms or retrogressive traditions. Imagine that over 150 years ago, Kamala Harris, a colored woman would not have been allowed to vote but today, she has made history as first woman VP to be! I have always said that women who make history never do it by living by society’s scripts. Rather, they are anomalies. They go against convention and choose to do what they want rather than what is expected of them. They refuse to be boxed or limited. Rather, they choose to dream big, put in the work and win. 


I am glad that Kamala Harris recognizes how her being there has changed the narrative and is changing the  perspective of a lot of young girls and women out there. In her speech, she said that she is the first women here but she certainly isn’t going to be the last! I hope that women/girls out there are inspired by her win as much as I am so that we will all keep challenging the status quo and doing great things. 

Women Who Make History -Kamala Harris

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