International Men’s Day 2023

In today’s world, we are always passionately advocating for women’s wellbeing and sometimes, it feels like we have left men behind. Men are usually silent or a tad negligent about issues that bother them personally. They are too busy fending for everyone else that they forget to notice that their heartbeat is irregular, and they are gasping for breath too soon. Many times, men would work no matter what they feel because provider is part of their job description. It is a badge they wear with pride and honor, a badge they never want to lose for any reason. So, they will give it all it takes every single time.

You will more likely hear a man accept to do menial jobs even though he has a Master’s or doctorate degree holder so that he can cater for his family. Men will also work no matter what state of mind they’re in. He doesn’t even have to be married to assume these tough responsibilities or make such sacrifices.

Also, several experts agree that men are more likely to develop chronic diseases earlier than women and have a shorter lifespan because they don’t notice early. They are also more prone to work-related injuries than women. This is why for this year’s International Men’s Day 2023, the theme is Healthy Men, Healthy World. It is time for a change! As people who love the men in our lives, this is a call to action. We need to do things differently. We need to check on our men. We need to push them to go for medical checks. We need to pay attention to when they are not themselves and call their attention to it.

We need to show our men that they are valuable to us – not just because they provide but because we love them. This may stop some of our men from taking jobs they have no business doing. They would be content enough to wait for their next big break after a layoff.

Also, workplaces should be safer and minimize enforcing policies that make people work like machines. Let’s encourage healthy work-life balance and foster an environment of care, understanding support and growth. Let’s improve male health together!

As someone who has a twin brother and a doting father, you could say that this hits home for me. I see the way they go all out in their care for others even at their own detriment (if you let them). They are used to being selfless and sacrificial. They are used to saving the day. But we can’t let our heroes die saving us. We have to help them. We have to show them that they matter too. They need to know that as they carry these burdens and take care of the rest of the world, they need to pause and take care of them too. Yes, we need our men to be healthy and strong. That way, the world keeps getting better, richer and much more exciting. Happy International Men’s Day to all our amazing men. Check on a man today!

International Men’s Day 2023

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