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Last year, we took a bold step forward in a bid to ensuring that young girls understand the potency of wielding their voice for a sustainable and gender-equal future. We made them realize that they should never stifle or smother their voices even when others tell them to cower in silence and hide their faces in shame. We made them realize that their words are powerful and needed for change and that when they speak, their words reverberate throughout the entire universe sending ripples across the galaxies. We urged them to speak up and use their voice. We urged them to let the sound of their vocal cords reverberate across different timelines and countless generations. We urge them to be loud and to be heard and to challenge the status quo.

And as the annual International Day of the Girl Child draws near, we are here again, super-geared to help the girl-child break out of the cages of ready-made expectations in order for her to redesign her own dreams with the numerous blocks that pile up around her. We are here again to ensure that the girl child breaks away from the gender box and stereotypic sayings and expectations that limit her. We are here to encourage them not to box themselves the society expects from them, The truth is that they do not need it and should not fit in. A cage limits! A box inhibits! We are here to let them know that they should never sabotage their possibilities of truly living and expressing themselves all in the name of gender box and stereotypes. They should live and exist. The best troubleshooters do not just think out of the box, they disrupt the thinking process altogether. That is our goal. That is our mission for this year’s International Day of the Girl Child.
And since a society is only as progressive as its number of pro-actively thinking humans, we are beholden to every boy-child too in a bid to helping him see the girl-child as a viable partner and not a threatening competition. He has an unmistakable role to play in trivializing the claptrap which has flooded every nook and cranny of our society against the self-defining mission impact of the girl-child even as he also breaks free from the manacles that keep him down, trapped, scared and amenable.

For this year’s celebration, a TikTok competition has been included :
Join the challenge to Unlearn Gender Stereotypes in Schools!

How to join:
• Record or make a video with a duration between 1 to 3 minutes.
• Highlight or react to a common statement, behavior, habit, or activity that discriminates against girls in schools and share an alternative or solution to it.
• Submit your videos on Tiktok, Instagram, or via email.

Submission Channels:
Participants can choose to submit their videos through any of the mediums that is convenient for them.
• Through Tiktok with the hashtag #IDGwithRoselineXGertrude2021 and kindly tag @AdewuyiRoseline or
• Through Instagram with the hashtag #IDGwithRoselineXGertrude2021 and kindly tag @adewuyiroseline and @gertrudeinitiative or
• Email: send your video to with the subject #IDGwithRoselineXGertrude2021 – full name”

Deadline for submissions: 5th of October 2021.
Remember to include the required hashtags on your post to ensure your submission can be found or easily traced.

Rating criteria:
• Creativity,
• Content of your video, and/or
• Engagement (Likes, views, and comments if uploaded on Tiktok)

• First Prize – 15,000 naira
• Second Prize – 10,000 naira
• Third Prize – 5,000 naira

Age : 10- 19 years

Busola: +2348068712866
Roseline (WhatsApp only): +2348137034000
#IDGwithRoselineXGertrude2021 #dayofthegirlchildwithRoselineXGertrude2021

It is important to add that this year’s exclusive dynamics is necessitated by the need to ensure that girls unlearn a lot of stereotypes.

Therefore, we present the theme for the year; Step outside the gender box: learning free from stereotypes.

We urge you to support this vision. The least you can do is partner with us on and support this glorious quest—if not for anything, for the thrill of adding your time, your treasure and, your talent to re-defining societal constructs.

Neither the girl child nor the boy child will be shut down in their quest to break out of societal-installed boxes; the society has no application or virus to carry out such a despicable act.

For sponsorship and partnership, kindly send a WhatsApp message to or Oluwabusola Adeyemo on +234 806 871 2866 Or Adewuyi Roseline Adebimpe on +2348137034000. We would appreciate your support both in cash and kind.

For sponsorship, you can pay into this account no: 1017378049.
Zenith Bank.
Gertrude Olowo Empowerment Initiative.
Kindly add a description for ease of reference.

Adewuyi Roseline

Venue: Commerce House, Beside government house Oke-igbehin, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
Date : 11th of October, 2021
Time : 11:00 am

Conveners : Oluwabusola Adeyemo and Adewuyi Roseline Adebimpe
Speakers : Adepeju Jaiyeoba, Olalekan Adeeko, Wemimo Adebiyi and Durosinmi Adekunle
Anchors : Feranmi Akinbote
Partners : YALI Ogun, Kasot Print, and Ifad Initiatives

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International Day of the Girl Child 2021 – 90 Percent Loading

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