Excism To realise self is to command To command self is to live. What does a fruit, unripe, detached from its source sing? Slimy lamentations of unattainment. Devouring birds may not get a look to see her, ripen and stomach to their fill her delicacy. I mean, desire for debauchery averted. Good riddance, yes? There […]


Dilemma Of A Girl

What if What if, there were no memories to write, of a girl full of scars, her eyes painted with agonies, Of haunted days. I thought, Scars were tales of a man , Who journeyed the sea, To fight for freedom for his children, Only to return and meet demons. No, scars are for women, […]


Female Genital Circumcision

It’s estimated that between 114 million women around the world experience female genital circumcision. The ritual is life-threatening, makes child bearing extremely painful and there are traumatic experiences attached to it. The root of this is based on culture. Is it then a crime to be born a female?, must I wallow in limitations because […]