The Role of Women In Nation Building

The role of women in nation building. In the olden days, women were over looked. As a result of the patriarchal nature of the society, women were seen as inferior. Most times, they were just active in the private sphere. For the public sphere, they were not given the chance to explore their potentials because […]


The Feminine Identity

Sometimes I think about my life, have I been swayed by winds of voices around me, have I been silenced just to receive validation from people. I have seen and experienced a lot and definitely there are still a lot to experience. Years passing by asking questions, asking questions about who really I am; asking […]



Female genital mutilation (FGM) according to World Health Organization (WHO) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. Furthermore according to this health organization, this procedure has no health benefits for girls and women. From statistics, this act […]


Women In Leadership Positions

WOMEN IN LEADING POSITIONS My name is Kimberly. I love leadership and this has been my flare right from childhood. I was really an exceptional child. I excelled well in anything I do, I have always been active in politics. I read news all over the world and how politics has evolved over the time. […]


La Fille (The Girl)

Breast ironing, female genital mutilation, sexual violence, arranged marriage among others are what a girl child goes through in some communities. Yes I vow to the blueness of my ink to stop madam cash from trading our daughters for jewelleries our mothers of tomorrow Yes I vow to the scars on my heart to tarnish […]


Girl Child Marriage

The palm wine tappers daughter Growing small tangerines attracted you Abandoning the thighs of a ready-to-be mother You tore into soul of an adolescent You bought a bride with a price And inserted your knife of greed into her emotions Sucking the milky drops from her eyes Is this marriage of slave trade? A penny […]



Out of the Ashes we rise For the sun that was out that evening The moon that shone that night For it came out in all its might And they flooded the town with light  As all the vestiges left me of the fight The fight where I was supposed to be the Knight but […]


Girls Smash Stereotypes

My bangles cast with mud Vegetables adorn my head Forever stuck in this hell-hole Ever heated kitchen -stead  My gender is my sentence My home, my prison Condemned to serve the man I’m forced to be content with second place Though, for enlightenment, I’ve fought Wielded my flag against my mistreatment The system fights right […]