World Radio Day 2022

It is World Radio Day, a day set aside by UNESCO in 2011 to celebrate the evolution of radio and the role it plays in spreading of information and fostering networking and communication around the world. This year’s theme is Radio and Trust and I would love to x-ray this in light of gender equality.

From the invention of the radio till date, the radio has been the most trusted source of information to people all over the world. Although old and not the only means of spreading news and communicating to groups and communities today, the radio has stood the test of time. Lots of people have trust that what they hear on the radio is authentic and important despite the decline in trust for social media and the internet. The radio has also been the most accessible mode of communication especially in places where people are uneducated and have little access to modern tech or other modes of communication. In these places, it has been used effectively to create awareness and provide timely solutions.

Although women living in these regions may not own personal radios, they access information because of the radio. As a result, healthcare facilities and nonprofit organizations sponsor jingles, programs and give announcements from time to time to highlight issues concerning women’s health, maternal and child care, women empowerment, personal hygiene, entrepreneurship, and so on. This information empowers women to live healthily, care for their families, start-up businesses, learn a skill, make more informed decisions and be independent. They also encourage women’s involvement in politics.

This goes to say that if you want to reach more women, you shouldn’t just stick with modern means of communication like the internet or social media. You should be on the radio also and be there as much as you can because the radio is a cost-effective far-reaching way to empower women and create the change you want to see. By using the radio, you take advantage of the trust people have for this agelong mode of transmission and the coverage. You won’t just be reaching women in your cyberspace or those in your immediate community. You can reach women in interior villages, women who may never see the light of day without your words. So, don’t hesitate to walk into any radio station and plan to collaborate with them this year. Your voice, jingles, programs will go where your tweets and blogs won’t. I believe that if we are going to win the war against gender inequality, we need to get everyone (both educated and uneducated) involved because none of us are equal until we all are. Happy World Radio Day!

Adewuyi Roseline is passionate about the girl child. Growing up, she had a lot of questions about her identity. She is on the journey to ensure that young girls rise above limitations, smash stereotypes in their communities.

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