World Poetry Day 2023 – Celebrating Womanhood

World Poetry Day is celebrated on the 21st of March every year. To commemorate this event, I will be dedicating it to the celebration of womanhood.


A woman is a poem,
beauty lies not only in the words she speaks,
but in the spaces between them,
the subtle nuances that reveal the depth of her character.

A woman is a poem,
captured in the beauty and the depth of her soul.
Her every movement is a stanza,
her every thought a melody.
flowing with graceful curves and intricate details,
each verse revealing a unique story of strength,
beauty, and resilience.
a collection of moments woven together,
each one a brushstroke in the tapestry of her life.

A woman is a poem,
written in the language of her heart,
expressing the magic of her being
through the power of her words
and the elegance of her form.

A woman is a poem,
a masterpiece crafted with care,
each line telling a story of love,
and everything in between.
her body a vessel for the stories she tells,
each curve and contour
an ode to the power and majesty of femininity.

A woman is a poem,
a canvas of raw emotions and vivid imagery,
her heart the paintbrush that brings her world to life.
a symphony of emotions and experiences,
each verse revealing a different shade of her.

A woman is a poem,
a work of art that speaks to the soul,
reminding us of the beauty
and wonder that exists in the world.

Yes, a poem is a woman!
Yes, a woman is a poem!

World Poetry Day 2023 – Celebrating Womanhood

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