The Slay Ballers 2.0 – FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

Another FIFA Women’s World Cup is here again. After the wonderful display of footballing brilliance and astute management displayed at the last edition in France in 2019, there is so much anticipation for the upcoming edition slated between July 20 and August 20 and what it will bring to the women’s footballing table. Before we go on, however, here is a reminder that this is part of the Slay-Ballers campaign 2.0 created to bring more awareness to the world of women playing soccer. There is an ever-increasing gap regarding how the women’s game compares to the men’s game, and this campaign is aimed at reducing this gap.
Instead of the glittery historic city of Paris, the ninth FIFA Women’s World Cup will be cohosted by Australia and New Zealand. This competition will be held in stadiums across nine cities in both countries – five in Australia and four in New Zealand – and the final will be played in Stadium Australia located in the picturesque Australian capital, Sydney.

There will be eight new participants, most of which have had dream runs to the finals. These nations are Vietnam, Morocco, the Philippines, Zambia, the Republic of Ireland, Haiti, Portugal, and Panama. The Philippines made their mark by becoming the first ever country to qualify for separate FIFA tournaments in the men’s, women’s, and youth football categories, having qualified for the finals via a thrilling penalty shootout against Chinese Taipei.

Morocco, whose men’s team had a dream inaugural run to the World Cup semifinals where they lost to eventual runners-up France, also qualified for their first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup. They are also the first Arab nation to qualify for the international showpiece. One wonders if they will be able to go as far as their male counterparts, or better still, go farther. What a historic year it will be for the North African country if they actually go one step further and lift the cup in Sydney.

While this Women’s World Cup is sure to provide much scintillating action and keep us glued to our screens, it should be acknowledged that women’s football has come a long way from being a no-show event to one that is attracting millions of viewers around the world. You only need to remember that a single stadium broke the attendance record in the same competition to know that the influence of women’s football is growing in leaps and bounds. More than 91,000 spectators watched Barcelona play Wolfsburg and later Madrid in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, at the famous home ground, the Camp Nou. This is sure to give the average girl child more courage to chase their football dreams and get her fill of that opportunity.

However, we will not sound delusional to say women’s football has gotten to its peak; there is still more space for growth. Every single action on the part of women and the authorities like FIFA is sure to contribute to discrete amounts which will add up in the long run, long after many footballers are no longer active.

This is why the Slay-Ballers campaign was launched, to spread helpful information about football and its related aspects. A world where football will no longer be referred to as being only a man’s game but a woman’s, where women’s football will be given as much accord and respect as the men, where pitches, statues, and grounds will be named after superb women footballers like Martha and Formiga, and where women will be as revered as the men in the game. It seems like a long stretch, but every positive action will count towards this dream.

The message of the Slay-Ballers Campaign is simple; if men can do it, women can do more. Little girls can dream and achieve much more. This is where awareness is vital; females need to know it is possible, that their dreams are valid and can be achieved. The sky is big enough for all the stars after all.
This is not just a tournament; it is a movement, an unstoppable force that celebrates the indomitable spirit of women in football. It is time to break barriers, rewrite history, and empower HER to take center stage. From every corner of the globe, women unite to showcase their extraordinary skills, resilience, and determination. The world will witness the rise of a new era, where HER passion, HER dreams, and HER achievements shape the future of the beautiful game.

We believe that empowering women in football is not just about the present, but also about paving the way for future generations. By amplifying the voices of these exceptional athletes, we inspire young girls worldwide to believe in themselves, chase their dreams, and conquer any field they choose. This is a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change, and a testament to the boundless potential that lies within every girl.

Together, we will redefine success, challenge stereotypes, and create a legacy that transcends borders. Join us as we celebrate HER power, HER grace, and HER triumphs. Let’s witness history in the making, as the world embraces the unstoppable force that is women’s football. Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and forever changed. Get ready for the Slay Ballers Campaign 2023!

The Slay Ballers 2.0 – FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

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