Zozibini Tunzi wins Miss Universe 2019 with short hair

Less than 48 hours ago, Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa was crowned as Miss Universe. The very beautiful, outspoken and intelligent woman who believes that women should be leaders was crowned the winner after defeating numerous other contestants from countries all across the globe. The most intriguing thing about this win is that she is a dark-skinned African woman who was wearing short hair! In a world where a woman’s beauty is usually defined by how long hair her is, this her win is a big feat especially for women who prefer shorter hair. 

In some countries all over the world, especially in African countries like Nigeria, people usually see a woman on short hair as someone who is abnormal or not beautiful enough. Many people living in these countries see short hair as something only men should wear. Sometimes, when a woman consciously decides to wear short hair and is comfortable in it, people ask a lot of questions. They ask if she’s alright. They ask her if she’s trying to scare suitors away (because some people believe that men prefer longer hair). They ask her if she hates her femininity or doesn’t like being female. Sometimes, they even ask if she’s mourning someone.

A lot of people are of the opinion that a woman is not completely beautiful if hers is not long. They see a woman’s hair as the stuff that puts a permanent seal on her beauty. It is like a glory that gives her an attractive aura. This is why lots of women (even those who don’t like long hair) try so hard to make their hair longer. They spend a lot of money buying hair products, trying out hair care regimens and consulting hair and beauty specialists. When they see that they can’t make their natural hair long enough, they resort to weaves and extensions.

Zozibini Tunzi, confidently rocking her short hair for the pageantry, showed women all over the world that you could choose to put yourself out there on your terms. Her winning shows us that when women are authentic, people would adjust and maybe someday appreciate how we love to be seen. I hope that her win inspires many women out there who want to make certain hair or fashion choices but are afraid that the society who thinks it’s not feminine or girly enough. 

To every woman out there, struggling with the societal definition of how to look or rock your hair or style, I would like you to stop struggling. Stop trying so hard to fit in and be how they want you to be. Be you. Always choose to do what you’re comfortable with and confident in and hold your head high. So, wear that short hair with pride if that’s what you want. The world will adjust. 

In conclusion, this win is not a license to shame women who wear weaves and keep long hair.

Photo Credit: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/lifestyle/zozibini-tunzis-faith-and-determination-drove-south-african-beauty-to-miss-universe-glory/

Zozibini Tunzi wins Miss Universe 2019 with short hair

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