World Social Justice Day 2021

World Day of Social Justice

It is World Day of Social Justice – a day that we are reminded of the need to tackle different issues like poverty, gender equality, exclusion, human rights, and so on. Today, I am choosing to resound the gong of gender equality. I am choosing to remind us to fight for equal treatment for men and women.

Men and women are equal. Equality like I always like to remind people is not sameness in body size, body mass, bone structure, or height. Rather, it is sameness in humanity. Men and women are humans and should be seen as people. If a tall man is not superior to a short man and a slim man is not inferior to a man who has put up a bit of weight, then, the concept of equality should not be too farfetched.

Sadly, this is not the reality in many spaces. In many parts of Africa and some parts of the world, girls are still denied access to education, women are not promoted beyond certain heights, women are not taken seriously, gender roles are the order of the day and the concept of women leaders are still a fairytale.

Although the situation is still far from ideal, there is hope. Women like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the first female and first African World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General keep shattering glass ceilings and proving time and time again that women deserve seats at the table. Her appointment as the first female Director-General of WTO goes to show that women are a lot more than stereotypes. They can dream big, set goals, work hard and achieve them. Women can be anything they want to be!

I hope that on this World Day of Social Justice, you are inspired to lend a voice to the cause of gender equality. I hope that you choose to speak up for the young girls that can lead the future and be the change we seek. You can do this by sharing inspiring stories about women who are doing great in their fields of endeavors. You can also do this by challenging young girls to dare to be more than stereotypes.

Don’t be silent in the face of inequality. Don’t be silent in the face of oppression. Speak up and be heard. Demand that women are treated as fairly as they deserve. Happy World Day of Social Justice!

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World Social Justice Day 2021

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