World Poetry Day – Celebrating Womanhood

Give me a voice, one that I can call mine
Let me bring out my colours from in deep
within my mind like a flowering flower springing new petals.
I only ask for a choice to be who I am without the tethers of gender hurting around my tender neck.
Give me a life, a chance, to crave for and
seek the cradle of wisdom like the river
seeking the sea. I want to learn to fight
without a hand tied behind my back with
the chains of culture, what should change
that stayed constant.
For I am a light, hidden by the curtains of
doubt. Yet, none can douse the fire of the
sun. I am a hope, a promise of more. I am
one like you as you are one like me. I am
the balance, the edge of the other side. I
am human, before I am anything else.
Written by iconxpressions
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World Poetry Day – Celebrating Womanhood

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