World Poetry Day 2022 – Celebrating Womanhood

World Poetry Day is celebrated on the 21st of March every year. To commemorate this event, I will be dedicating it to the celebration of womanhood and I will be posting a poem by Aina Ayomide.

A woman’s Anthem

I am fire and I am fuel
More than my body
I am never too much and always enough
Unlike anybody
I am the most stunning of all God’s creations
And I stand second to none

So when they say;
Happy is he whose children are males and woe to him whose children are females
Raise your voice higher and say;
Relevance and irrelevance are not functions of gender but your cap’s feathers

And whenever they raise their voice to say;
“She’s a vice, a vixen, and a problem to solve”
Raise your voice higher and say
Who should be first and who goes next isn’t yours to say
“You are the head and not the tail” is what God had to say
And problems are never in His image, only solutions are!

-Aina Ayomide

World Poetry Day 2022 – Celebrating Womanhood

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