The Role of Audio Social Media Platforms in Gender Advocacy

Over the years, social media has amplified gender advocacy by giving people a platform and a level opportunity to make their voices heard. By giving people a chance to trend hashtags, host chats and stir up conversations on apps like Twitter and Facebook, social media has been an effective tool in gender advocacy. In a way, one can even say that it made advocacy a little easier because it paved the way for cross border collaborations, knowledge sharing, mentoring and access to resources between advocates.

Why Digital Advocacy?
During COVID, a lot of gender advocates could not do offline advocacy and we had to switch to digital advocacy and this shaped advocacy in a way. Now, I know we have been used to the usual social media platforms like Facebook, twitter in our advocacy but I would like to bring to the fore the use of audio social platforms for advocacy. We have Clubhouse, Twitter space and Facebook Room. Raising our voices, we have podcasts as well. As these audio social apps are gaining ground, we can also see how we can tap into them in our advocacy as youths. We might not limit ourselves to what we are used to like other social media platforms.

How Digital Advocacy Works
We have been talking about representation and women. How the media has been focusing on women’s narrative for some time now but now we can take charge by rewriting our realities. We have several thought leaders who are women reclaiming their autonomy and agency. This is a platform to use our voice. It is even audio, and it centers on our voices to create a change. There are some conversations we have been hush hush about as women on our sexuality and womanhood but through these platforms, several conversations have taken place and we are gradually seeing more women making informed decisions. Audio Social app is the big thing now and we can also see how we can explore that in our advocacy – to speak directly to different women.

The Impact of Social Platforms
These discussions have had a significant impact on the average individual. Men, women, and fellow advocates are being inspired through conversations in Clubhouse rooms and on Twitter spaces. Women now feel more empowered, and men have a new perspective on women, which helps to strengthen advocacy. It is important that women aren’t viewed through stereotypical eyes t o help them in breaking down barriers and shattering glass ceilings. Various stakeholders have taken action as a result of these discussions. The effect has been enormous.

Many others, particularly young men and women, give their voices to the advocacy against harmful societal norms, gender stereotypes, and gender inequalities as we look around. They are as committed to ending gender injustice as we are. They’re sharing their personal stories and offering practical advice. Their voices reverberate across the horizons and in people’s hearts as they talk passionately. That is extremely admirable. We need more individuals tweeting, sharing podcasts, and even hosting Clubhouse and Twitter spaces events so that we can witness a meaningful improvement in people’s lives.

The Way Forward
I believe that social media has the potential to turn the tide of equality in our favor. We will see real change in our society if we raise our voices and encourage more individuals to join us. As a result, I am asking everyone I know to join these platforms and thoroughly explore the role of Audio Social Media platforms in achieving gender equality.

The Role of Audio Social Media Platforms in Gender Advocacy

4 thoughts on “The Role of Audio Social Media Platforms in Gender Advocacy

  1. The Role Of Audio Social Media Platforms In Gender Advocacy

    My response:

    Social media has been serving as a global platform that promotes the voices of people who talk about the different social problems surrounding them. So, it’s a great tool for advocacy.

    However, many people now consume different content on social media on daily basis. We’ve seen how it influences people’s decisions on the roles they need to play in their communities whether it’s positive or negative.

    Even though some people use social media to promote cyber-bullying, sexual harassment, and gender inequality toward women, we can still change the narrative through audio social media platforms like podcasts and Twitter space. We can use these platforms to create contents that challenge gender inequalities in our society and break stereotypes about women that come as a result of traditional norms, through this process, we can advocate for good policies from responsible stakeholders that can transform a gender equality society.



    In 2020, during the pandemic crisis, I had a flair to solve women and girls’ challenges in the little way I can, and that was what birthed WOMEN TAKE CHARGE, a non-governmental organization that focuses on women and girls in achieving their potential to the maximum through empowerments, online talk shows, projects, and programs.

    WTC started on Facebook, At that time, I didn’t have as much experience as I do now, but through the power of social media, I was able to reach out to different women across Africa to share their stories with me, however, provided solutions to different challenges women were facing. I would send them a direct message and also my questions to them and when they revert, I would edit and upload them on my Facebook timeline (We don’t have a page as we do now).

    Through that, I was able to connect with different women across the board, through the power of social media, I got a volunteer who was designing the fliers.

    Over time we have been able to organize online talk shows and programs, however, impacted over 500 women through the power of social media.

    Social Media has been a great tool for advocacy and also contributing my quota to society and creating a change globally. I also love the fact that a lot of advocates has tapped into the power of social media to reach out to a wider range of audience, however, dismantling every myth against women.

    Thank you so much, ma’am, Miss Roseline, for throwing the spotlight on the importance of audio social media platforms for advocacy.

    Frankly, A lot of gender advocates have not tapped into the audio version of these social media platforms like Twitter, Clubhouse, and Facebook room which are also great platforms to host mind-blowing sessions and make use of our voices to make an impact online while providing long-lasting relationships with different people.

    All of the talk shows I have hosted have been on our Facebook page which are live video sessions and that was because we were used to it and that was what I found a lot of advocates using when we started.

    As an advocate, it’s highly necessary to try out other platforms and not just limit ourselves to the existing platforms which are most familiar with.

    A boss of mine sent me a link to join a Facebook audio discussion a few days back, it was an amazing and mind-blowing session, moreover, I was able to multitask and I think that’s an advantage over articles and videos using social media audio platforms.

    We have been working on our Twitter account for a while now, which has given us some challenges but when we fully do, we will try out the audio version.

    I am inspired.



    A lot of organisations have taken Gender Advocacy as an enormous responsibility in reaching out to people, especially women about their freedom, rights and choices. A good example of these can be achieved is through Audio social media apps like Podcasts, Twitter spaces etc. I Like Girls Podcast is a famous one I know in which the host brings women around to talk about their struggles  relationships and what it taken to be a woman in this modern world.
             I would urge women to take advantage of this Audio social media apps in other to breach the gap of being informed as a woman in our Society.

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