The Future of women in Technology

More than ever in human history, life today has been made very convenient, courtesy of technology we use in our everyday living. Although little has been done so far to celebrate the brains behind most of these intentions especially after their death, the fact that many of those inventors are still read and discussed in our academic circles is consoling enough. However, it is saddened that when people talk about world inventions, the female contribution are often under-recognized. If I may ask; how
many female inventors did you know? Isn’t it unfortunate that there are people who never believed women havr ever contributed to the growth of Science and Technology in our world? Contrary to what many people’s view, many of the modern technological inventions were in fact
pioneered by women. Some of them dated back to centuries when women did not even have suffrage right in most countries.
I dedicate this article specially to such women technologists and scientists who decided to use their virtues positively in advancing the course of humanity and to also encourage our young girls in the present day to rise up to the challenge posed by their male counterparts-even in the face of social marginalization-and embrace technologically inclined courses and become great innovators.
Below are some of the world female
technologists who contributed immensely to world’s advancement with their inventions:
1. Elizabeth Blackburn – Winner of the Nobel Price for Physiology and Medicine in 2009
2. Eugenie Clark – Well known as Shark lady, she was a major key in developing modern ideas of
the Shark’s role in the ocean ecology.
3. Gerty Cori – Nobel prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, she discovered how to metabolize carbohydrate after fighting bias and prejudices. Cori process, named after her is crucial to comprehending good nutrition and human health.
4. Marie Curie – Two times Nobel prize winner, she was the major key to the development of radiation uses such as X-rays and cancer therapy; she discovered radium and polonium, adding them to periodic table.
5. Mary M Daly – The first female African- American to earn a PhD in Chemistry. She began her career thinking about food; the metabolism of protein in particular.
6. Rosalind Franklin – We would likely not understand much about DNA or viruses without Rosalind Franklin who in her short life worked on X-ray diffraction images of DNA that implies its spiral shape.
7. Susan Greenfield – Greenfield is a neurochemist. She researched brain diseases; especially Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
8. Grace Hoper – She was one of the earliest computer programmers in America. She invented the first compiler; her research led to the development of the CO-BOL, one of the first high level programming language. Her programming standards for computer language design is still in use today.

9. Stephanie Kwolek – As a DuPont chemist, Kwolek saved lives. In looking for better, lighter, less fragile materials for tires, she invented a light, strong polymer-based fabric so tough it turns away bullets.
10. Hedy Lamarr, pioneer in the field of wireless communications (digital communication).

The Future of women in Technology

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