Gender Equality

Amazons 7 -Rasheedat Ajibade

On the 6th of November, I hosted a Twitter chat with a Nigerian Soccer Player, Rasheedat Ajibade with the theme Kicking Through Football’s Glass Ceiling. The aim of this is so that many young girls will see a young woman igniting her puissance to live her dream. We believe in the growth of female football. […]

It is my 4 Year Blog Anniversary

You can be consistent by deciding what you want to do and staying true to it. It could be a project, a course, or a goal you would like to meet. Like we always say, “choosing” is the easy part. The first few weeks you start, it seems pretty easy because you are excited to try something new. But you must decide that after the butterflies fly away, you will still do what you have chosen to do. There are times you will fall but don’t stay there. Get back up and keep going. 

The Role of Audio Social Media Platforms in Gender Advocacy

Now, I know we have been used to the usual social media platforms like Facebook, twitter in our advocacy but I would like to bring to the fore the use of audio social platforms for advocacy. We have Clubhouse, Twitter space, Facebook Room. Raising our voices, we have podcasts as well.

Artificial Intelligence and Gender Equality!

For a long time, intelligence was only connected with humans. It was utilized by scientists to demonstrate a clear distinction between humans and animals in terms of our ability to think, be creative, imaginative, and propose solutions. These attributes are fundamental to human beings, and intellect was once thought to be unique to humans. Things […]

International Day Women’s Day 2022 Event

And it was a resounding success. It was a fantastic team effort among American Corner Ikeja, Boundless Hands Africa Initiative for Women & Children, African Entrepreneurship Support and Mentorship Program, Wire A and Roseline Initiative. Thank you to every one of the panelists and others who gave insightful talks on climate change and renewable energy. […]

International Women’s Day 2022 (Five books you can do an Ecofeminist Reading of from a Nigerian Perspective)

It is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Gender Equality today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. For 2022, the UN is focusing on recognizing the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are at the forefront of climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all. As a […]

International Women’s Day 2022 Loading

Roseline Initiative in partnership with American Corner Ikeja Lagos, Boundless Hands Africa Initiative and African Entrepreneurship Support and Mentorship Program, Wire A presents International Women’s Day 2022. Theme: Break The Bias: Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow. By joining forces to support the work of women creatives, we can collectively break the bias that inhibits […]

The 22 of 2022 Female Achievers Recognition – International Women’s Day 2022

Roseline Initiative in partnership with American Corner Ikeja Lagos, Boundless Hands Africa Initiative and African Entrepreneurship Support and Mentorship Program, Wire A presents: 22 of 22 FEMALE ACHIEVERS RECOGNITION In commemoration of The International Women’s Day, The 22 of 2022 Female Achievers Recognition is a chance to recognize female achievers who are breaking bias in […]

How Educational Institutions can promote Gender Equality

Educational institutions that are supposed to be the hallmark of enlightenment many times fuel gender inequality. It shows in the big decisions, chore assignments, and in little conversations. To achieve gender equality, we have to promote it in our schools. Here are ways we can: 1. Encourage female leadership. Don’t automatically choose male leaders or […]

The Resentment targeted against Gender Advocates: We are also fighting a just cause

I am active on social media. There, I get to table my thoughts, and share my views with like-minded individuals, receive criticism on my advocacy from genuine critics, and get tongue-lashed by narrow-minded humans. Yet, it is what it is. I am used to the cycle, too.   Recently, I was on Twitter, and I came […]

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