International Women’s Day 2024 Loading

Roseline Initiative in partnership with American Corner Ikeja, Boundless Hands Africa Initiative for Women & Children and Date:-Hub presents International Women’s Day 2024. Theme: “Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress”. Program Highlights: ► Keynote Speech ► Panel Discussion Date: March 8, 2024 Time: 10 am Lagos Venue: American Corner Ikeja (42 Local Airport […]

International Day of Education 2023

This year’s International Day of Education is dedicated to girls and women in Afghanistan who have been deprived of their right to education by UNESCO. Here is a short fiction on my blog to depict the situation in Afghanistan. Afsoon writhed in pain as her mother massaged her forehead. “Lie still”, mother said. “It’ll be […]

International Day of Education 2022

The new normal When the government announced the lockdown in 2020, Flora’s parents were worried. As people who are committed to their little girl’s education, they didn’t want Flora to stay out of school indefinitely. They emailed the school and asked what their plans were. Luckily, Flora’s school was a school that kept up with […]

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 8!!! – Solomon O. Ayodele

Gender advocacy is an all-encompassing push for a change in the narrative. It seeks to liberate men and women from the shackles of the unrealistic expectations and stereotypes that patriarchy expects them to live up to. Girl child advocacy, particularly the area of leadership and shattering glass ceilings, is a course that I am passionate […]

The Brief Biography of a Super Woman and Mother: A Son’s Narrative

I have always posted fiction on my blog but today I will be sharing a true-life story. A male friend of mine would like me to share the story of his mum with the belief that women will learn from the story. While reading it, I could not hold back my tears. I had to […]

The Resentment targeted against Gender Advocates: We are also fighting a just cause

I am active on social media. There, I get to table my thoughts, and share my views with like-minded individuals, receive criticism on my advocacy from genuine critics, and get tongue-lashed by narrow-minded humans. Yet, it is what it is. I am used to the cycle, too.   Recently, I was on Twitter, and I came […]

Changing Gender Stereotypes taught in School

From childhood, many people unconsciously start learning stereotypes (a widely-held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing). It starts with the illustrations in our primary school textbooks. A doctor is usually a man and a nurse a woman. A bank manager is typically a man, and the […]

Dashed Hopes – A short story to commemorate Internatonal day of education

Panting, Miriam sat under the mango tree, hands on her jaw.    She had just run out from the room adjoining the parlour from where she had overheard her father discussing with the yellow-stained teeth pot-bellied short man, Mr Lazarus.    Tears rolled down her eyes as their conversation played in her mind:   “My […]

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