Leveraging Fellowships for Professional Development

I have participated in a number of fellowship programs, and here are some pointers on how to make the most of these opportunities. Your why: This is very important. Before you apply for any fellowship, there are salient questions you should ask yourself: What do you hope to achieve? How does the program align with […]

Becoming an Outlier

Most times, when a lady posts a picture of herself as a wedding guest, many people start flooding her comments section with comments of wishes and prayers, notably of which is: “this year is your year.” These kinds of prayers, though expressed with the best intentions, are sometimes unsolicited. I, personally, uphold that prayers are […]


Recently, I realized that some people who have been participants of some programs charging people as much as ₦25,000 or sometimes more when they ask them to help edit their application letters. I wonder why. The funniest thing is that their editing those applications doesn’t guarantee the person interested a spot in the program, conference […]

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