Amazons 9 – Ayoola Oluwanifemi

Boychild advocacy has become increasingly popular in recent times. More people are awakening to the fact that boys need help too. They need to be taught away from the stereotypes and biases that have filled many cultures. Every now and then, there are complaints and misconceptions about how advocacy is just all about the Girl […]

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 11!!! – Noel Alumona

For a long time, most advocacy was channeled at the girl child. This caused a tilt in the balance of things as women were being empowered but men were not. At first, it felt like men were all right and didn’t need empowerment. But as time went on, we realized that some of the toxic […]

Building a Track Record

Granted, bigger funding makes advocacy a lot easier and gives you a wider sphere of influence. And every advocate’s dream is to reach the ends of the world with their message of equality, equity, and fairness. But managing your expectations, making sacrifices, and staying consistent with the cause are key ingredients to a successful life of advocacy. This is the main part of advocacy that the world doesn’t see – the process, the dry spell, the long wait. It is something to be aware of and maximize. If you are in that season currently, don’t just wait it out: work it out, build a track record, and all the good things and impact you dream of will come.

Amazons 6 – Olufunke Oyinlola

First, I want to call the world’s attention to the boychild. I put it this way because I cannot teach boys how to be boys, I am a woman after all. But I can help them in ways where I know I can make an impact and then involve men and women who specialize in specific areas and can help in various aspects of the boys’ lives. I like working with experts just as much as I love practical solutions.

The Role of Audio Social Media Platforms in Gender Advocacy

Now, I know we have been used to the usual social media platforms like Facebook, twitter in our advocacy but I would like to bring to the fore the use of audio social platforms for advocacy. We have Clubhouse, Twitter space, Facebook Room. Raising our voices, we have podcasts as well.

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 8!!! – Solomon O. Ayodele

Gender advocacy is an all-encompassing push for a change in the narrative. It seeks to liberate men and women from the shackles of the unrealistic expectations and stereotypes that patriarchy expects them to live up to. Girl child advocacy, particularly the area of leadership and shattering glass ceilings, is a course that I am passionate […]

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 6!!! – Ola Akinwe

Gender advocacy has always been personal for me. I started advocacy because growing up, I had a lot of questions about my identity and about the stereotypes I saw in the society. It seemed like there were different sets of rules for guys and different sets of rules for girls, especially as regards career choices […]

Becoming Conscious: The Discourse On Misogyny and Objectification in Music, Comedy Skits, Nollywood and Culture by Benjamin Sarumi

Becoming Conscious: The Discourse On Misogyny and Objectification in Music, Comedy Skits, Nollywood and Culture – Benjamin Sarumi Misogyny is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. Need I say that a woman loved, is a generation loved.  As much as this is compared with anti-woman sexism or misandry, perhaps, it’s important […]

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 3 !!! – Benjamin Sarumi!!!

As a gender advocate, I have had people ask me what about advocating for men. They ask: “Isn’t gender equality all about gender balance? Why am I always throwing the spotlight on women or highlighting women’s issues.” I smile and tell them that I speak about girl child and women issues because I have first-hand […]

Amazons 1 – Precious Gaza

The month of March is Women’s history month – a month dedicated to celebrating women who have contributed or are currently contributing their quota to gender equality, the betterment of humanity and to the society. Today, I would like to shine my spotlight on Precious Gaza, an International relations graduate, an emotional intelligence coach and, […]

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