It is my 4 Year Blog Anniversary

Celebrating my Fourth Anniversary: The Importance of Consistency

Today is my blog anniversary. As is my custom on anniversaries like this, I reflect on what I have been up to these past years and how far I have come. Now, I will love to share an incredible lesson I have learned from my blogging experience. It is something so simple yet so powerful and valuable and has given me some extraordinary results. What am I talking about? 

The power of consistency. 

What is Consistency?

Consistency is simply staying in what you’ve chosen to do or what you have been doing regardless of how you feel. In consistency, you show up whether it is convenient for you or not. It is not easy and requires commitment. By commitment, I mean that your desire to do those things you deem necessary must be strong and you must back that up with discipline. 

Why is Consistency Important?

Consistency is important because it helps you build things. You can’t sustain anything meaningful without staying consistent. Today, I am celebrating 4 years of consistently posting insightful content on my blog. To have stayed through to my dream — the dream of advocating passionately for women to shatter glass ceilings and live above stereotypes has paid off. 

Were there times I defaulted? Of course. I am not perfect; however, I choose to keep going regardless of the times I have missed out. This is why you must choose the path of consistency. 

How can one be Consistent?

You can be consistent by deciding what you want to do and staying true to it. It could be a project, a course, or a goal you would like to meet. Like we always say, “choosing” is the easy part. The first few weeks you start, it seems pretty easy because you are excited to try something new. But you must decide that after the butterflies fly away, you will still do what you have chosen to do. There are times you will fall but don’t stay there. Get back up and keep going. 


As I celebrate these 4 years of grit and persistence, I encourage us all to stay consistent in the things we have chosen and build things that last. It may not be easy, but it is always worthwhile in the end because we will achieve success and be fulfilled. 

It is my 4 Year Blog Anniversary

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