It is my 3 Year Blog Anniversary!

It is my third blog anniversary, and I really feel my emotions cringing under an overwhelming weight of mixed feelings.

One, I am exhilarated that I have stayed true to my vision despite the spate of challenges that have beset my quest over the years. The courage has not been totally unwavering, the resolve has not been purely untested, but staying the course, despite the many turbulent waves that have rocked the boat of my blog, has always kept me afloat, has always been the driving force behind my constant need to surge forward, to move ahead, to never look back, and to never back down.
Two, there are times I do want to throw everything out the window when I consider the average bad reception that my posts receive in consonance with the varied assumption that people (Nigerians especially) do not read. That, in itself, is discouraging and exhausting, and most times, it plays out on my mentality and affects my quest to push on.

Three, more often, I blame myself for not exhaustively exploring contemporary ways to appeal to the speedy thoughts of the average (budding) youth, based on another assumption that they (the youth) pass time with other stuff other than reading so much that I question why I started this quest of enlightenment in the first instance if I cannot seem to bond with the primary target audience of my posts and make my posts a an educative pastime for them.

Four, many times, it appears as if I am posting content on my blog without a readily-available-to-click-and-read audience, but I trudged on because as a literature enthusiast, I understand full well the didactic value of writing for social impact.

All these reasons no matter, and for what it is worth, staying consistent, even with the negative energy, is a daunting task. It is taxing to research, put outlines and content together, and post 171 blog articles in 3 years—yeah, it does not invalidate that others could have managed more in that time, but I am proud of the ‘little’ that I have done. After all, that is an average of one post per week, and when I know I may be the only one who has read what I wrote, I never feel downcast to not repeat the act of posting the subsequent week.

Why then do I seem to be indefatigable in the face of ropes that seek to pull me down? I attribute my consistency to the fact that I see as an archive (or a compendium for) where my works can be read by generations of women even after my eventual passing to the land beyond— I know it is not in the meantime, but a human has to live with that thought in their head all the time. Hogwash or rich, somehow, someone will someday connect with my writings, and it will change their perspective. Also, I am driven by the constant need to put relatable ideas to the test and move the blog upward, through the muck, with each demanding push. With time, and as I get better at honing the requisite skills of my craft, more people will get to read and make reference to what I have written.

There is a mainstay characteristic about my blog, though: the website is replete with engaging posts, the kind that leaves you pondering your positions about a lot of trendy matters, the kind that has you reviewing your mindset, and asking deep, reflective questions about your life, as it relates to another human, especially the opposite gender, the kind that makes you question stereotypes that have guided and guarded your life, and possibly have made you stopped shoring claims that you may have doubted over the years.

And, regardless of the scarce number of individuals that I have checking out the posts now and then, I still owe my gratitude to everyone who has engaged my writings in one respect or another. You have been one of my main reasons to continue to work on the blog, damning the efforts the continued task gulp. Thank you for sticking with me over the years. I hope I thrill you over the next years to come.

For what it is worth, I am a flawed human, and in my quest to broach sensitive issues, there may have been a misstep here or there. So, I would like you to share your thoughts with me regarding how I can serve you better, or how I can correct my mistakes, should there be any.
In the same vein, I would like you to reach out to me and share your thoughts with me on which of my posts you have connected with the most. I mean, there must be one (or more) post that resonates with you, and that has influenced you in one regard or another. I am waiting to discuss your shared thoughts with you.

Lastly, blogging may be fun for many, but somehow, I consider it quite taxing—I admit, I may be doing some things wrongly, though. So perhaps, there is an individual you know how there who can mentor me in this blogging world. Kindly link me with the person. I am available for some lessons, and I would appreciate the help!

All in all, thanks for being a part of my community, and I look forward to reading from you soon, even as I hope to constantly have you as my untiring readership.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to, and by extension, to me!

It is my 3 Year Blog Anniversary!

2 thoughts on “It is my 3 Year Blog Anniversary!

  1. You’re dearly celebrated for your consistency and commitment. Keep soaring and impacting your world. You’re an amazing CHAMP.

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