It is my 2 Year Blog Anniversary!


On this day, two years ago, I started my blog ( and so far I have published 126 articles since I first began. I nursed the vision to start this blog while I was in the USA for the MCW leadership program. After the program, everyone needed to embark on a social impact project. My area is gender advocacy and during the course of the training, we all had to write out our plans for the fellowship year. It was a great activity for me. By then, I already had a clear picture of what I wanted to do, and putting it down felt like I was already putting things in place and getting work done – only that it was just on paper, for now. My social impact project had three components and blogging was one of them. I discussed with my mentor, Mr. Frederick, my intention to start a blog where I could write about issues affecting young girls and women and also document their stories. He approved it and with his help, I fine-tuned the idea together during the training.

I was so excited about my blog and all it could be that within two weeks of my return to the country, I made arrangements for and set up the website. That was how I started this journey. To be honest, the first 6 months were not quite easy. At first, I was not consistent because it was all new and slightly challenging but I had friends who applauded my efforts. They encouraged me to be consistent and I took it upon myself to be fully dedicated to it. Afterward, I eased into it. I got to work and I was committed to posting one article per week. I have been able to stay true to this for like 90%  and I can tell you that it has been a great journey.

Looking back, I remember rooting for and lending a voice to the Slayballers campaign committed to promoting female soccer during the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Shortly after, I launched a series I called “Amazons” featuring women who are changing the narrative despite all odds. Subsequently, I created another feature called “Men Picking up the Gauntlets” featuring men who are passionate about boy child advocacy and have taken it upon themselves to mentor young boys.

The main aim of my advocacy is to inspire others to break stereotypes and unlearn indoctrination in the form of deeply entrenched societal constructs that are regressive to women. Therefore, I am fierce against cultural and traditional norms. I believe that some of these cultural elements have to be done away with, while some reviewed and some preserved. I am also very particular about the reimaging of the women in our society and a woman knowing that she belongs in the society.

I would like to highlight my best 15 articles since I started blogging.

  1. Why some women don’t like the term wife material:
  2. The bearded lady, an insight into hirsutism:
  3. Stop the crucifixion; some skills are not innate:
  4. Women with only daughters are not less; childbearing, not a metric for determining womanhood:
  5. Misconceptions of feminism; the propounders meant well:
  6. The role of religious leaders in raising unscripted and unstoppable girls:
  7. Teach him too:
  8. The power of Equal Representation:
  9. Becoming an outlier:
  10.  What about boys:
  11. Are female bosses really wicked:
  12. Females: earn it, don’t expect success on a silver platter:
  13. She is at the helm:
  14. Women shattering glass ceilings, breaking through concrete walls, striding on sticky floors and escaping career labyrinths:
  15. Foot your bill, my foot:

My special thanks goes to MCW. Your leadership program is the reason why this blog exists today. Had I not been inspired to start this blog at the program, maybe I wouldn’t be celebrating this anniversary with my readers, friends, and acquaintances today. Thanks for your investment in me. I do not take it for granted. 

I have been continually motivated by those who read my posts and learn from them. I have also learned a lot through differing opinions while exchanging perspectives with others. In 5 years, I will be glad to look back and say that my blog has grown and the conference I attended birthed this idea. This indeed shows that when we go for programs, there should be a lasting effect of them on us.

So, I would like to hear from you:

Which is your best post on my blog so far? How have my posts changed your perspectives? What positive impacts have they made on you? I would also like to get feedback from you on how I can make my blog better. Also, if you know a woman who can mentor me in this blogging business, kindly hook us up.

Thanks for being a part of my community.

Happy Blog Anniversary to me! 

It is my 2 Year Blog Anniversary!

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