The international day of the girl child is indeed worldwide celebrated. As part of my consistent advocacy for the girl child, I organized a program for secondary school girls in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria to mark the International Day of the Girl Child. The program’s theme was Break out’ igniting her puissance. Five secondary schools were in attendance. the schools are Abadina college, Abadina Grammar, Methodist grammar school, Immanuel high school, Immanuel grammar school.

We told our stories to young girls, we shared our narratives, We bared it all to inspire girls out there, we painted the picture of how the journey has been so far, we wove the dreams of the change we wanted to see. We understood the power of narratives. We learned, unlearned and relearned. It was our collective voice.


The first session was on ‘Disrupting stereotypes’. Here are the key points:


  • The society has a way of silencing your voice because you are a girl child but you have to be confident enough to follow your dreams headlong.


  • There is nothing you intend to achieve as a girl child that someone has not gone ahead of you to do before. Do some research before you launch out.


  • As a girl child, ensure you have a mentor. Build communities of like minds.


  • If you train your girl child and leave her in the hands of a frustrated man, she will end up being frustrated. So, as you train up your girl child, make sure you train up your boy child so as to create a balance.



The second session was on ‘The Multitalented Lady’. Here are the key points.


  • Girls are powerful, girls are forceful. We have a force within us that is enormous. The question is; how well do we put this force into use?


  • Light up the force within you and build the capacity required to get to the pinnacle of your dreams as a girl child.


  • Every girl child has the talent to adapt to any situation she finds herself. She can bend and straighten up as necessity demands.


  • Girls have the instinct to self motivate themselves and others around them.


  • As a girl child, condition your mind to believe that you have the capacity to achieve anything you set out to do. Take up challenges.


  • Don’t because of your fears and doubts stand back.


  • If you need to cross from where you are to where you need to be, then, you need to take up big challenges.


  • Don’t allow someone else’s limitations affect you.


  • Don’t connect with people that will mock your passion.


  • Apply yourself to utilize your talent. Don’t stand back.


Lastly as girls, don’t allow beliefs, Norms and trends to stop you. Set that ability ablaze. Don’t be scared of who you are. Ignite it and let it glow






 May this birth greatness in the hearts of these girls and may they act in accordance to the mandate God wants for girls. Amen. Celebrating the elegance of girlhood.


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