International Day of the Girl Child 2020 Program

This is the 4th Edition of the event to mark International Day of the Girl Child I will be organizing. I have never been physically present for any Edition but I appreciate the support system I have in friends and those who key into this vision who ensure that everything goes on smoothly. Thanks to everyone who has been holding the fort, pulling this through over the past 4 years in my absence.
The International Day of the Girl Child 2020 was done in partnership with Gertrude Initiative and the founder is Oluwabusola Olowo Adeyemo.

The program started at exactly 10: 20 am with 43 participants ( 33 Adolescent girls with 7 Volunteers present and 3 facilitators ). Broadview pictures were initially taken of the gifts and everyone present before the program properly started. We started off with an opening prayer by one of the participants at exactly 10:22 am and we moved on to the welcome address by the Director of Gertrude Initiative; Oluwabusola Olowo Adeyemo.

The program properly started off with a confession session by YALI OGUN President Ms Deborah who took the guest through a personal confession moment on speaking up and pledging their alliance to always raise their voices for a positive cause at all time this took place for about 10 mins after which we had the Keynote speaker Damilola Taopheequat Aiyepola taking the stage and spoke on HER Voice; Our Equal Future. This session lasted for about 30mins with questions and answers debated upon by the guest and speakers.

Then we moved on to the Next Icebreaker that was anchored by Oluwabusola Olowo Adeyemo which was centered on “If you could be an animal, what would it will and why? Different ideas were shared and so many lessons learnt. After 10 mins of the icebreaker, the program video from @Adewuyi Roseline Adebimpe was played which was an inspiring moment for the participants.
We moved on with the 2nd speaker Faloye Ayobamigbe Yuzzufthat spoke on ”The role of boys and men in ensuring an equal world”. The speaker did justice to this season and was able to share what the male counterparts really expect to see girls and women achieve which was basically standing tall in every aspect of life. After a few questions and answers, we had the 3rd speaker Grace Anuforo came up with an interactive session on Gender stereotypes.

The participants were generally elated during the whole session and desired more of the programs. We were able to start distribution of the gifts while the guests were sited and the questions and answers began. The letter to the girl child book given to support the program was distributed out to the participants that answered questions pertaining to the sessions correctly which was also coordinated by Ms Deborah.

We eventually closed the session with Faloye Ayobamigbe Yuzzuf giving a broad recap of the whole session and key points to go home with and a vote of thanks by Oluwabusola Olowo Adeyemo who appreciated YALI OGUN team that were present, the facilitators, Gertrude Initiative team members and everyone present.

The program ended at exactly 2:25 pm with the suggestion of the guest to finish with the national prayer considering the present state of the nation then we recited ‘Oh God of creation’. We all moved out to take lovely pictures as a group.

Verbal feedback from the beneficiaries:
According to one of the girls, It was an interesting session for her and she will never forget those moments in her life. She says she is more confident and will continue to use her voice everywhere she goes, Peace, 11yrs.

Extract from Gloria, 15yrs; Every of my time today is worthwhile. I learnt new skills today and I will continue to work towards improving myself.

Limitations: The pandemic limited the availability of more young girls to participate in the program as parents and guardians are still very cautious of the kind of interactions their young ones have.
Thank you Oluwabusola Olowo Adeyemo for the collaboration. Collaborating with you was great. We met earlier this year on Twitter and we have never seen each other. Indeed, the wonder of social media. Thank you for making it a success. Thanks to your team members present too.

To my project manager, Ibraheem Adebayo Aremu, I am speechless. You made this easy. You are indeed selfless.
To Fadare Israel Olanrewaju, thanks for the beautiful designs of the flyers and magazines and the patience in editing the graphics from time to time.

I am grateful to our facilitators; Damilola Taopheequat Aiyepola, Faloye Ayobamigbe Yuzzuf and Grace Anuforo for encouraging young girls to raise their voice for a better and equal future.
To all our sponsors and partners; GIRL Afrique, Stephen Temitope Konigbagbe of Kasot Print for producing the magazines and exercise books. We are highly honoured by your generosity.

Thank you YALI OGUN for handling the photography as part of their collaboration with us on the success of the program.

Thank you Devcent for the venue. We appreciate you all.

To individuals that committed their finances, time, products and services to this, once again, we say thank you.

International Day of the Girl Child 2020 Program

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