International Day of Friendship : Sisterhood

Growing up, I didn’t have many female friends. I didn’t really understand what it meant to have friends with whom you bonded so closely like sisters. For years, I couldn’t relate when girls were so close and called each other best friends. Today, I am grateful that I get to experience that. When I look at how amazing and strong the female friendship bond is, I wonder why it took so long for me to have this.

My female friends have redefined friendship for me in so many ways. First, they have been so sacrificial and loving. They have gone out of their way to make things easier for me. They have been so supportive of my projects. They have been there for me through thick and thin. And although we are not perfect, they never ever have a reason to pick a fight or quarrel with me. My female friends offer counsel when I am stuck. We pray together when I am facing challenges or when life gets overwhelming. It’s always good vibes from their end. They have nothing but unwavering love, care and support for me.

What is more interesting is about my female friends is the fact that although I am a feminist, feminism is not the cup of tea of most of them. I actually know more feminists on social media than I know personally. The ones who subscribe to the ideology are not as passionate about it as I am. But despite the differing views and opinions as regards feminism, we are cool. My friends love me. I love them. They take me seriously. We respect each other. They still go out of their way to make sure that whatever I plan to do is a success.

It’s the International day of friendship. I hope that this piece of my heart inspires you to see and explore the beauty in female friendships. Sincerely, women have been incredible friends to me: a great support system and I am blessed to have these friends in my life. Do you have friends you are grateful for?

International Day of Friendship : Sisterhood

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