Difficult Conversations no longer becoming hush-hush!

I am grateful that we live in an era where people are no longer hush-hush about difficult conversations anymore. The things that were once considered taboos or unsafe are the things freely talked about now. I am glad because having these difficult conversations or talking about these topics make women more self-aware. It also makes it easier for women to make more informed decisions.

Long ago, many women stumbled into motherhood, marriage, and made many decisions out of pressure and societal expectations. I can almost say that most of the women of old didn’t do these things or make those decisions because they were prepared to. They found themselves walking into it because they were expected to. At the end of the day, some of them were shocked at the things they discovered afterwards. Many of them wished they knew more about these things and had more time to put things into consideration. They wished they were more prepared before making these life-changing decisions.

Today, we freely talk about things like surrogacy, adoption, in vitro fertilization, motherhood, vagina health, pregnancy, childbearing, breastfeeding, infant nutrition, etc, and many topics that people rarely provided information on. I have come across lots of vlogs, writings, podcasts and so on that bare it all and paint realistic pictures of these lived women experiences. These key mediums of communication have been very enlightening especially for women who are mothers and would-be mothers of this generation.

I must applaud the brave women who dare to put their stories out there. Women who have rejected and defied the agelong shame and silence culture. And have chosen to be open and honest about their experiences. They are helping women today and future generations of women unborn. They have helped shape some of my perspectives on various aspects of womanhood and I am grateful for that. I want to encourage every woman to put their stories out there. You’re making a difference no matter how little. Someone somewhere is making a better-informed decision because of you. Thank you.

Difficult Conversations no longer becoming hush-hush!

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