Birthday Reflections 2022

Happy birthday to my twin brother and me. I am grateful for all that has happened, and for everything that has led me to this beautiful milestone in my existence — essentially, I am indebted to God for my life, for His Direction and All-merciful Hand in bringing me this far.

As a habit, I reflect on my previous year every time I blow out the candles on a new age. This year is no different, and I would like to reflect on my Christian journey.

People who know me off social media, and several of my ardent followers on social media would agree that I am quite passionate about my spirituality — I acknowledge my God in all that I do, and I do not shy away from talking about Him as often as I can.

Coming to America, so many people surmised me my faith would suffer, because over here, most of our prayer requests (as Nigerians) have been settled by an effective system — roads are not death holes, power or water supply is hardly interrupted, and if one buckled down as and when due, one would take care of all one’s needs. Thus, it was easy for people to guesstimate that when I settle down here, I’d hardly hold on to any defensible reasons to have an enduring faith in God, pray, or regularly attend church.

I laughed it off at the time, because it didn’t occur to me that many people prayed for their selfish reasons only. Different realities and all, I guess. I am a soulful human who cherishes quietude and thrives in serene ambiances. These encourage me to meditate. So, I can say I pray because I derive intangible pleasures and indescribable, soul-lifting, satisfactions and heavenly connection from it. I do not supplicate God like an average Nigerian with series of hustles and worries on their mind — He is my Creator, One I seek to obey and worship at all times; not just when I am inconvenienced or needy. Majority of my prayers aren’t predicated on requests or demands, but rather on building intimacy and deep love for my God, that regardless of the wind of lukewarmness that may blow wherever I am, I still keep the fire, His fire burning. So, it’s quite fallacious to conjecture I cannot humbly entreat my Father because “the system works better where I am”.

When I arrived here, I could feel my faith even more rekindled. I became more intentional about my spiritual growth. These days, I spend more time meditating, praying and reading my Bible than I used to. I must admit though, the church services were a lot different from what I was exposed to. Thus, for a while, I actually struggled. I was bereft of the drive to attend church when I just arrived. It felt like a routine, and I all I felt, deep within me, was an unfillable emptiness afterwards.

I found it so hard adjusting to the new style of service because I was practically used to the Nigerian system. That notwithstanding, I knew if I really wanted to get the best of fellowshipping with others, I had to snap out of it. Ergo, I outted myself to some brethren who had been here before me — they were the impeccable guides through whom I navigated that tough phase. There was no praise or dancing like we had in our churches back home. What we had were worship sessions, and all one had to do was lift one’s hands in adoration to God. I had to adapt to it, and with time, I started to look forward to attending church services like I used to in Nigeria.

I must say, though, that since my arrival, I have experienced one great spiritual encounter after another. I have seen God move so mightily on my behalf, and I am so glad that I have never forgot to put God first. I particularly bless God for friends who are watchers covering me in prayers, His stewards keeping me in check. I thank God for the gift of friends who hold my hands when the tides are inclement. I thank God for the community of believers I got to know. It has actually been a great experience. I thank God for people who have shown me kindness, and I am in awe of them. I am growing daily and as they say, yesterday’s depth is shallow. I have got to go deeper still.

God’s unwavering faithfulness towards me, the time and seasons notwithstanding? Never in doubt. It’s been such a grace-filled journey steeped in a lot of wins. I dare not take credit for any of His good deeds. May I never ridicule the Grace and Mercy of God over my life that I would attribute my successes as products of my human efforts. God forbid. If not for God, I would be lost today. So, to Him, I owe it all, the very thread of my existence and all that sum me up.

It is my solemn wish that with my voice, my actions, and my life in its entirety, more people may be inspired to serve Jesus and live according to His dictates. I pray that may my actions and inactions continue to demonstrate and validate that I am a believer who lives for her God despite all conditions.

I look forward to more amazing things that He is set to do for and through me in this new year.
New gates are opened to His Glory, and old doors are shut on the times that I might ever have failed to live up to His expectations.

Birthday Reflections 2022

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