50 Random Facts About Me

It is not my birthday, or any special event today. Yeah, if you ask me why I am putting this up then, I probably have no particular reason to share with you— it could be to intimate you if you are looking forward to being my friend. Asides that genuine reason, perhaps, a few readings here and there (and a bit of idleness) may have spurred me into putting these together.

So, here goes some personal pieces of information about me. Yay!

1. My name is Roseline Adebimpe Adewuyi.

2. I was born in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State, Nigeria and I have a twin brother.

3. Very few people call me Kehinde; some family members and those who know me from childhood. My parents call me Rose. My twin brother calls me Kehinde. When he calls me that name, it forces me to awaken the twin flame in me. He rarely calls me “Rose” The few times he called me Rose, I know he is up for a serious discussion and mischief.

4. Football is the highlight of my teenage years. I didn’t have female friends in my neighbourhood. So, I was friends with males. How can I ever forget being part of the female football team of my department during my undergraduate days at OAU. We did play some inter-departmental games. I miss kicking that round-leather ball around.

5. As much as it seems that I am an open book on social media, I am still very private and secretive. I only share what I deem fit to share. I can count the number of times I have had some issues with my friends who do not like my supposed covert and secretive lifestyle.

6. I prefer selfies to full pictures. Selfies are my all-time favourites. I have never seen the need to shift attention to my full body. I always believe that showing my face alone is enough, and, for me, that is the epicentre of all attention.

7. Over 90 percent of people I have met in my life especially Nigerians always think I am Igbo or Edo at first instance.

8. I love watching YouTube— I spend most of my time obsessed with Nigerian vloggers because I find their content hit closer to home than foreign-generated. As a vlogger, if you use a Nigerian accent, I flow with them better than with a vlogger with a British or American accent.

9. I consider my eyes the most beautiful part of my body. No other part comes close.

10. I have had experienced the pleasures and challenges that come with attending three Nigerian universities: I had my undergraduate studies at Obafemi Awolowo University, the University of Ibadan for my Masters, and the University of Ilorin for the one-year mandatory NYSC.

11. My favorite subjects in secondary school were Literature-in-English and French. Now, I am into French literature.

12. One of my stand-out strengths is inquisitiveness. I can ask questions for Africa. My close friends know this about me, and I do not tire to disturb most of them whenever I get the chance. They have indeed tried to accommodate my excesses.

13. I love dancing a lot. Most times, I go to the bathroom and I dance in front of the mirror for over an hour. This has been my habit for some years now especially at night and when I am with my family, I dance in the sitting room after dinner. If I am a good dancer, I am not sure, I just move my body in sync to the beats and sounds, and I let the waves do the rest.

14. I am not big on gadgets. I can use gadgets for years. If they do not spoil, I always want to use them for a long time because I grow fond of them.

15. I abhor drugs, abeg. I always have. I always will, in God’s Holy Name. But, you see injections, I never mind them, the number of times I get those subcutaneous prickles no matter. I am like an expert on the art of needles. When injected in the hand, I do not look away, I open my eyes wide as the needle goes under my skin.

16. I do not like haggling prices for any reason. That is why I love countries or places where you make your purchases with fixed prices. Systems with fixed prices save one stress and time. Haggling prices is wearisome.

17. I am not into Hollywood movies. I am sure I can count the number of Hollywood movies I have seen in my life but with Bollywood movies, I have seen a lot of that. I love Nigerian movies a lot, too. I know more than 70 Bollywood Actors and actresses by name.

18. I am good with dates but not good with locations and names. I know the birth dates of my friends by heart, but when I visit a place only once, it is quite difficult for me to navigate my way. I have attended a number of conferences too, but I do not really know people by name. My introverted nature may just be blamed for this imbalance, too.

19. I am claustrophobic. So, I always love sitting in the front seat while aboard public transport. You will never find me anywhere else. I always take the first or second front seat. I never mind having to wait for another bus at the park. I love exploring new places. It is however ironic that I dislike having to experience any stress that comes with moving from my current location to the other place. It is interesting to add that I eventually enjoy the experience that comes with the journey.

20. I have never cheated in an exam. This is one of the principles I uphold strongly. I would rather I failed.

21. Nollywood and Bollywood were the bases of my entertainment. Many people may choose animated movies and cartoons over my choices, though. I was not introduced to that world as a teenager.

22. I always sleep with a blanket or duvet, whether the weather is temperate, hot, or cold.

23. When stressed out, sleeping is my go-to coping mechanism. It is more like forget your worries for me.

24. If you want to make me happy, please, just order me food and make it pounded yam, amala, pounded yam, and the like. If I do not eat swallow in two to three days. I feel very empty. It can be a struggle for me when I travel to a place where ‘swallow’ is difficult to find.

25. I am a Yoruba lady but I do not like spicy or peppery food.

26. I feel like I am Nigerianised or Africanised. I prefer Nigerian songs to foreign songs and movies too.

27. I am a feminist and a devout Christian.

28. I have never read any of Chimamanda’s books before.

29.Facebook is my most used Social Media platform.

30. My dream country is India. I believe that I have watched a lot of Bollywood movies not to visit that country in my lifetime. The day I achieve that I will shout to the rooftop that I achieved one of my biggest fantasies.

31. I believe that I have never achieved anything in life because I have not aced something uncommon like a feat. Yet, we keep moving. People view achievements differently. I do not see it that way because my definition of achievement is like a feat. What only VERY FEW PEOPLE have ACHIEVED is what I consider an achievement. Like maybe 10 percent of the world and this makes me think that I might never get to say what I have achieved in my lifetime, but in all, I am grateful for the gift of life.

32. I am reserved. Most of the places that I have been to in my life, I have been the most reserved. I have gotten an award for the most reserved like three times in the past.

33. For someone who does not like cooking, I have always found myself been the most consistent cook in a lot of spaces I have found myself. I am a gourmand, and I do not like eating out because I believe it is not economical. In all, I pray that I have the mullah to employ a chef soon!

34. I spend mainly on consumables. I rarely buy clothes, shoes, and bags. Sometimes, I laugh at myself like se kii se wipe, mowa aye wa jeun (hope I didn’t come to this world to eat). I saw a tweet recently that some people are food bougie, I know I am one.

35. I can’t wear heels to save my life. Sneakers to heels please. I am looking forward to a day I will have a collection of sneakers.

36. I have never owned a handbag in my lifetime. I go out with school bags, small long bags and, a drawstring bag.

37. I value friendship a lot. And, I have more male friends than female friends. I have never fallen out with any of my female friends. It has always been a perfect relationship. Conversely, with my male friends, plenty of fights and, I wonder why.

38. My fantasy is to be included in a groom squad someday. I hope my male friends will make it happen. I also want to be a chief bridesmaid someday.

39. I love the idea of family. Family means a lot to me.

40. I love dark decoration. I love my room dark.

41. I prefer chats to calls. Ironically, though, I can listen to long voice notes. Yes. I send them as well.

42. My type of style of dressing I would like to adopt is the androgynous style of dressing. You do know what I mean. Yes? Look it up. Winks!

43. I am prudent with money to a fault.

44. I love being indoors. As long as there is electricity and internet, I can be indoors for weeks, without stepping out of my house.

45. I have never been a morning person, I am not always active during that period. Evenings are my really active periods. Call me a nighthawk.

47. I am a music freak. I am always on the go, bopping to music while walking, working, doing chores and, other things.

48. When I upload pictures of myself, I get more of CUTE as a compliment than BEAUTIFUL or PRETTY. Some have attributed the compliment to my innocent demeanour.

49. I am not picky when it comes to food. As long as it is food, I am open to trying new things.

50. I see myself as a highly valued and principled person.

There you have it. What is that random fact about you that you have never shared with a soul before, or do you know something about me that I have not shared? Open your mouth now, or forever hold your peace!😂

P.S: Do not mind my rumpled clothes, there is a long story about it. Kindly ignore!😂

50 Random Facts About Me

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