La Fille (The Girl)

Breast ironing, female genital mutilation, sexual violence, arranged marriage among others are what a girl child goes through in some communities.
Yes I vow
to the blueness of my ink
to stop madam cash
from trading our daughters for jewelleries
our mothers of tomorrow
Yes I vow
to the scars on my heart
to tarnish senator kasalis integrity
our 13 year old mother-made-girls
concubines at his villa
Yes I vow
to humanity’s groans
to punish mama alero
for pounding aleros breast
brutality in the name of protection
Yes I vow
to the terror in my voice
to format education schemes
for putting our ladies at the back row
our intelligent genius
Yes I vow
to the blood that flows through my veins
to stab perpetrators with words
for drowning our females in inferiority
the giants of the fu
Yes I vow
to abeke my god mother
to hold on to the fight
for female leadership
it is my war, it is our War

Adewuyi Roseline is passionate about the girl child. Growing up, she had a lot of questions about her identity. She is on the journey to ensure that young girls rise above limitations, smash stereotypes in their communities.

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