Girls Smash Stereotypes

My bangles cast with mud
Vegetables adorn my head
Forever stuck in this hell-hole
Ever heated kitchen -stead 
My gender is my sentence
My home, my prison
Condemned to serve the man
I’m forced to be content with second place
Though, for enlightenment, I’ve fought
Wielded my flag against my mistreatment
The system fights right back, always to put me in my place
In class, in the office, my good work disdained
Down-trodden by tradition,all the more by men
Cursed to be a glorified house-help
All my abilities lie potential within me
My soul bleeds, wishing release from inertia
If only to let loose the fountains of innovation, foresight, oh, multitasking!
But my mind lies fallow but for imagination
My hands shackled with the pestle, the plates and kids
My gender is my crime
And life sentence to the kitchen and bedroom, my retribution
Girls Smash Stereotypes

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