Month: August 2020

Core Areas of Girl Child and Women’s Advocacy

Breaking Stereotypes: This is my core competency and my area focus. Here, we teach young girls and inspire women to break away from age-long societal norms, constructs, and stereotypes that have limited their progress. We show them that they can do anything and be whomever they choose to be regardless of society’s dictates. We teach them to discard society’s scripts and follow their individual passion and purpose to be the best version of whom they want to be.

Men Picking Up The Gauntlet 4 !!! – Ebuka Ede!!!

Gender equality is something I am very passionate about. My family, friends, acquaintances, and people connected to me on the cyberspace have always been carried along in the things I do to help make this a reality. I am more or less all about educating the girl child and young women out there and empowering […]

The Beauty of an Individual is in his or her Uniqueness

Beauty standards are mostly unrealistic stereotypes upheld by culture, the media, or society. Many times, people expect you to look a certain way – be of a certain height, have a certain hip size, have a certain skin tone, and even certain shoe size. Many times, it makes people who are not those things to […]

How Educational Institutions can promote Gender Equality

Educational institutions that are supposed to be the hallmark of enlightenment many times fuel gender inequality. It shows in the big decisions, chore assignments, and in little conversations. To achieve gender equality, we have to promote it in our schools. Here are ways we can: 1. Encourage female leadership. Don’t automatically choose male leaders or […]

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