Month: May 2020

International Boy’s Day

Today is the International Day of the boy and this year’s theme is focused on Empowering, guiding, and providing boys role models for a peaceful world. Over the years, it seemed like more people focused on training girls to be perfect while boys were left to meander through life on their own. As a result, […]

The Resentment targeted against Gender Advocates: We are also fighting a just cause

I am active on social media. There, I get to table my thoughts, and share my views with like-minded individuals, receive criticism on my advocacy from genuine critics, and get tongue-lashed by narrow-minded humans. Yet, it is what it is. I am used to the cycle, too.   Recently, I was on Twitter, and I came […]

Why Some Women don’t like the term ‘Wife Material’?

A lot of people, including me, have never been comfortable with the “Wife-Material” tag. The reasons are quite glaring.   When an average Nigerian calls you a wife material, they mean that you are a perfect definition of society’s stereotypical woman. They see you as someone who is living a script, not necessarily as someone […]

Changing Gender Stereotypes taught in School

From childhood, many people unconsciously start learning stereotypes (a widely-held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing). It starts with the illustrations in our primary school textbooks. A doctor is usually a man and a nurse a woman. A bank manager is typically a man, and the […]

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